Press Releases of the Frankfurt Book Fair

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21/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Prize for Best International Literary Adaptation goes to Todd Haynes

This year, the Frankfurt Book Fair’s prize for Best International Literary Adaptation goes to the US director Todd Haynes for CAROL, based on Patricia Highsmith’s novel The Price of Salt (1952).

18/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

The Book Fair verdict: New concept a success

By the end of today, the Book Fair expects to have welcomed around 275,000 visitors (trade visitor days: 140,474). That means a two percent increase in visitor numbers compared to last year.

17/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Good news, good business

Once again, the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Business Club proved to be the central meeting place for creative pioneers and key players in the international content and media business.

15/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Highlights of the day for Friday, 16 Oct. 2015

On the third day of the Book Fair, highlighted events include the opening of the "Media and Technology Forum" as part of the “New European Media Summit”.

14/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Hachette’s Nourry speaks out at CEO talk

Arnaud Nourry, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hachette Livre, was the sole speaker at today’s edition of the Frankfurt CEO talk series...

14/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Highlights of the day for Thursday, 15 Oct. 2015

On the second day of the Book Fair, highlighted events include crossmedia storytelling with the launch of the “Pillars of the Earth” video game from international bestselling writer Ken Follett.

13/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

The Markets – Global Publishing Summit: Seven regions all at once

Successful premiere at the Business Club: 69 publishing and book experts from seven countries offered over 300 participants from 20 countries exclusive insight into their publishing regions as part of

13/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

NEW: Global Illustration Award

The Frankfurt Book Fair and the International Information Content Industry Association (ICIA) create The Global Illustration Award

13/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Opening Press Conference: Literature and publishing as troublemakers

- At its opening, the 67th Frankfurt Book Fair presented itself as an industry network in a twofold sense. Firstly, as the largest trading place for content worldwide...

12/10/2015 - Frankfurt Book Fair

Hope for dialogue

Frankfurt, 12 October 2015– On the evening of Friday, 9 October, the Iranian Ministry of Culture informed the Frankfurt Book Fair that it was cancelling the national stand planned for this year’s fair